• Be 'The Host with the Most' At Your Next Open House

    Open houses are many things: Hard work, face time with potential clients, a lot of fun, and one of the best lead generating activities out there. Think about it: When you host an open house, you’re just that, a host. You control the environment and become top-of-mind for people in need of an agent with the right chops.

  • Bulletproofing Your Life: How To Expect, Plan For, And Handle The Worst

    We can set ourselves up for the best chance of success, no matter the market or the situation. In SHIFT this process is called “Bulletproofing the Transaction.”
  • Need More Leads? Try These Online Approaches

    When creating online lead generation plans, you’ll need to know your audience and your specialties, and you’ll need to deliver your content consistently. When you follow this process, turning online leads into clients can be easy and effective.
  • SHIFT, The Pandemic, And The Hottest Real Estate Market Ever

    The real estate industry is experiencing an unprecedented time: as Gary Keller remarked recently, “2021 was the greatest sales number in the history of the real estate industry.” We connected with James Shaw to discuss why SHIFT helped in our time of crisis and remains more relevant than ever. 
  • Avoid The Risks & Apply The Right Criteria To Any Investment Type

    This three-step approach will allow you to minimize the risk of a bad investment and maximize your monetary return. And it doesn’t just apply to houses. We’ll apply this step-by-step approach to two different types of investment opportunities: purchasing real estate and investing in the stock market.
  • What Comes First: Energy Or Achievement?

    Reaching Big Goals requires ongoing, sustained effort. And to keep momentum over the long-term, we must have an enormous amount of energy. This energy fueling happens two ways: paying attention to the five major energy areas of our lives — the spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and business — and by continuing to learn.
  • The Big 3 Financial MythUnderstandings To Lose In The New Year

    By revisiting The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, we’ll show you how some of the ways you are looking at yourself financially are unfounded and guide you through their corresponding financial truths. Once your mindset is right, you can begin the journey to becoming financially wealthy.