• The Big 3 Financial MythUnderstandings to Lose in the New Year

    By revisiting The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, we’ll show you how some of the ways you are looking at yourself financially are unfounded and guide you through their corresponding financial truths. Once your mindset is right, you can begin the journey to becoming financially wealthy.
  • KellerINK Newsletter: Behind the Book — Your First Home

    Homeownership is often seen as a huge achievement, particularly in the United States. From our colonial origins through present day, the ability to own property has been bound up with Recently, when the KellerINK team began to revisit Your First Home, we wanted to identify places where not only could we provide an up-to-date portrayal of the technical aspects of the home-buying process (for example, the internet wasn’t a huge part of searching for homes in 2008 where it is instrumental in the 2020s), but also make sure that the book was also in line with .
  • Get Excited!

    The new year is bringing with it a new KellerINK blog. This weekly resource will share practical tools and real-time research so that our readers can take inspiration and turn it into action.