• Avoid The Risks & Apply The Right Criteria To Any Investment Type

    This three-step approach will allow you to minimize the risk of a bad investment and maximize your monetary return. And it doesn’t just apply to houses. We’ll apply this step-by-step approach to two different types of investment opportunities: purchasing real estate and investing in the stock market.
  • What Comes First: Energy Or Achievement?

    Reaching Big Goals requires ongoing, sustained effort. And to keep momentum over the long-term, we must have an enormous amount of energy. This energy fueling happens two ways: paying attention to the five major energy areas of our lives — the spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and business — and by continuing to learn.
  • Inkblot And Leapfrog To Expand Your Business

    The Expansion Model is… well, expansive. It’s impossible to cover all of it in a single blog post, but we want to give you an understanding of the importance of expansion and the ways that you could approach it so that you can start thinking about your business in a bigger way.
  • Discover Leads With The Strength Of Ties

    One of the biggest opportunities for a business is to discover how to generate more leads. This usually means meeting more people and building our direct sphere of influence. This thinking has generally translated to a whole lot of activity. But does it have to be this way?
  • Raise Your Home’s Value With Smart Improvements

    As we have been revisiting Your First Home, our research team has interviewed dozens of top agents from around the country about the advice they would give first-time home buyers to improve their home and protect their investment.
  • The 7 Circles: Health — Both Physical And Mental

    The ONE Thing strives to move us into a growth mindset, so that we can commit to bettering ourselves and building healthy habits, no matter how small. Soon, you may find The 7 Circles look a bit different. When we talk about "Health" we will drop the "Physical" so that it is clear mental health is considered in this
  • The Big 3 Financial MythUnderstandings To Lose In The New Year

    By revisiting The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, we’ll show you how some of the ways you are looking at yourself financially are unfounded and guide you through their corresponding financial truths. Once your mindset is right, you can begin the journey to becoming financially wealthy.
  • KellerINK Newsletter: Behind The Book — Your First Home

    Homeownership is often seen as a huge achievement, particularly in the United States. From our colonial origins through present day, the ability to own property has been bound up with Recently, when the KellerINK team began to revisit Your First Home, we wanted to identify places where not only could we provide an up-to-date portrayal of the technical aspects of the home-buying process (for example, the internet wasn’t a huge part of searching for homes in 2008 where it is instrumental in the 2020s), but also make sure that the book was also in line with .
  • Get Excited!

    The new year is bringing with it a new KellerINK blog. This weekly resource will share practical tools and real-time research so that our readers can take inspiration and turn it into action.