Find Tricks or Treats with KellerINK’s Halloween Reads

A scary old house with a man standing outside the gate.

On this All Hallow’s Eve (does anyone actually know where the apostrophe goes in this phrase?!), we’re delighted to share a few recommendations for some spirited reads. Imagine that you’ve knocked on our library door, and each of these links comes from a cauldron of chilling real estate content. While this is just a handful of goodies, don’t be afraid to come knocking this time next year to see what else is up our sleeves.

How to Sell a Haunted House

In 1989, Helen Ackley decided to sell her old Victorian house in Nyack, New York, at 1 Laveta Place. It didn’t go as planned. There were stories of ghosts, and the house became the center of a case that’s referred to as the “Ghostbusters ruling.” In this episode of the acclaimed true-crime podcast Criminal, you’ll learn the law surrounding otherworldly listings.

‘Murder House Flip’ Hosts Explain Why Homeowners Are Eager to Give Morbid Spaces New Life: ‘Not for Everyone’

This unconventional home-renovation show ran for two seasons in 2020, taking audiences into notorious properties with the hope of transforming their grim pasts with a more pleasant future. Hosts Sarah Listi and Mikel Welch share their thoughts on healing these homes in this article.

Meet the Real Estate Appraiser of the World’s Most Gruesome Murder Sites

Having a nefarious crime happen on a property can result in a 10-25 percent decrease in its value, says Randall Bell. He has appraised homes that have been the locations of some of the most notorious crimes in the US, including sites of murder, cult activity, and plane crashes. In this in-depth profile, Rolling Stone discusses Bell’s career in macabre real estate and helping people find practical solutions to some of the most nefarious real estate problems.

The Lizzie Borden House Is Creepier than Ever after a Major Restoration

Paranormal enthusiasts can now stay at a Bed and Breakfast housed in infamous Lizzie Borden’s former home. Recently restored with care by a new owner, the property offers tours, a gift shop, and endures as one of the most popular macabre tourist attractions in the US.

The 11 Most Haunted Airbnbs in the US

Feeling brave? Want to take your Oujia board on the road? These eleven short-term rentals offer you and your friends the opportunity to experience the other side.

And finally, on behalf of your neighborhood kiddos:

What Handing Out Full-Size Candy Bars on Halloween Says about You, According to Behavioral Economists

Spoiler: You should do it.  

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