Build Future Books, One Conversation at a Time, with the KellerINK Story Center

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Everything that we do at KellerINK—our books, resources, newsletters, and this blog—aims to help people find inspiration, mix it with the right information, and take prompt and effective action. But to find that applicable information, we have to build off a solid foundation: conversations with real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Our titles are built on hundreds, if not thousands, of interviews. We speak with top agents to learn how they succeeded so we can find the common steps and turn them into models. We reach out to scientists and subject matter experts to learn how our minds work so that we can build habits that propel us toward our goals.

People are at the heart of every page and project. And, where else can you get one of the biggest groups of people who have the biggest ideas and goals in real estate but Mega Agent Camp?

What Was the Big Idea?

The goal of the KellerINK Story Center was to create a space to speak with people brought together by Mega Agent Camp. In short, we hoped to talk to as many people as we could. We wanted to learn in real-time from the people who are the pulse of our industry.

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Over two days, we ended up speaking with agents, team leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and passionate real estate people. Our interviewees ranged from Mega Agents with businesses raking in millions to people who have only been licensed a few months.

We asked you to show up to talk, and, boy, you did. We foolishly thought we could cover your expertise in ten-minute slots when, in reality, you had so much to share that we often went over half an hour—but we listened to (and loved) every second. 

What Did We Learn?

That y’all have a deep love for what you do, and you’re striving to be better at it.

That you want to help others—whether they are clients, newer agents, or a community in need.

That you want to learn and are hungry for training and coaching that can help your bottom line.

That each of you brings something special to your community, whether it’s a knack for client events, a passion for door knocking, or the ability to see the patterns in a P&L that can make the difference for investor groups.

That we have so much more to talk about.

Thank You!

To everyone who dropped by the KellerINK Story Center to share your stories, offer other agents advice, and to simply say hello. Your insights have already been helpful, and we can’t wait to share what we’ve learned.

If you’ve got a story to share, opinions on models and best practices or want to let us know what books and resource are most impactful for you and your business, we’ll see you in Las Vegas.

We hope to see you when the KellerINK Story Center returns at Family Reunion in 2024!  

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