Safety First: Know Your Plan While You’re on the Job

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Real estate, and the business of sales in general, is all about getting face to face with your potential clients and customers. It’s imperative to put yourself out there to generate leads and, ultimately, close deals. You want to be a fixture in your community and establish yourself as the go-to person in your market.

While you’re out door-knocking, holding open houses, and doing buyer and seller consultations, it’s easy to forget about your own safety. Remember, your safety comes first. No deal is worth feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. While we hope no one is ever in a scary situation, we know that’s not always possible. We want to help keep those moments few and far between.

There are several ways to be vigilant while practicing your customer-facing duties. We’ve put together a few safety toolkits for you to reference while you’re on the job. Read on and stay safe!

Door-Knocking Safety Toolkit

While going door to door, there are two major variables to be aware of when it comes to your safety. The first is your environment. Mother nature answers to no one, but you can at least arm yourself with knowledge of forecasts before you venture out. The second is that you’re going onto someone else’s private property. You can’t control how people react when you ring their doorbell. Keep the following things in mind when door knocking to help keep you out of harm’s way:

Open House Safety Toolkit

Hopefully the open house you’re holding is hustling and bustling. But occasionally, you may find yourself one-on-one with someone in a home. In either situation, it’s important to know how to keep yourself safe with a lot of strangers coming in and out. Use our checklist to set yourself up for safety and success.

Consultation Safety Toolkit

Almost all listing consultations will be done at the property for sale, and many buyer consultations will be done at the client’s home as well. When you’re in someone else’s space, it’s especially important to know your tools for staying safe. Review this checklist before going on an appointment.

When doing your due diligence to grow a successful business, don’t forget that your business can’t grow without you. Keep your safety top of mind and continue on your path to being a rockstar agent.

Want a print-able version of these checklists? Go to and look under “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” tab.

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