Over 40 Languages, 10 Years, 3 Million Copies Sold: ONE Message

 TOT cover standing

Among the most humbling aspects of our ONE Thing journey has been seeing just how far this little book about productivity and purpose can go.

Over the past ten years, The ONE Thing has sold 3 million copies. It’s impossible for us to think about achieving these results without looking at what those 3 million copies represent: you.

Thank you.

It is truly a privilege to be a part of your lives. It’s been remarkable to see so many people decide to think deeply about what’s meaningful to them so that they can take the actions they need to start living more purposeful lives. 

It’s also been awesome to watch our little book spread across the world, helping amplify its impact. As of 2023, we have 41 translations of The ONE Thing in print—we’ve listed where you can find some of our foreign friends here and we’ll update this post as more are released.


Bulgarian Language TOT

Bulgarian: Hermes

Chinese Commonwealth Language TOT

Chinese (C): CommonWealth Magazine  

Chinese S Language TOT

Chinese (S): China CITIC Press



 Croatian Language TOT

Croatian: MATE Publishing House

 Czech Language TOT

Czech: Albatros

*Currently out of print

Dutch Language TOT

Dutch: Xander Publishing

Estonian Language TOT

Estonian: Aripaev

French Language TOT

French (France): Leduc

German Language TOT

German: mvg Verlag

Greek Language TOT

Greek: Key Books

Hungarian Language TOT

Hungarian: Pongor Kiado

Indian Languages TOT

Indian Languages: Manjul Publishing


Hindi Language TOT


Italian Language TOT

Italian: TEA/Mauri Spagnol

Korean Language TOT

Korean: Business Books Publishing

Lithuanian Language TOT

Lithuanian: TOC Consulting

Polish Language TOT

Polish: Galaktyka

Portuguese Language TOT

Portuguese (Portugal): Sabedoria Alternativa

Russian Language TOT

Russian: Eksmo

Serbian Language TOT

Serbian: Laguna Doo

Slovak Language TOT

Slovak: Eastone

Spanish Language TOT

Spanish (World): Aguilar/Santillana

Thai Language TOT

Thai: WeLearn

Turkish Language TOT

Turkish: Altin Books

Ukranian Language TOT

Ukrainian: Nash Format

Urdu Language TOT

Urdu (Pakistan): Jumhoori Publications

Vietnamese Language TOT

Vietnamese: Alpha Books

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