KellerINK’s 2023 Summer Reading List

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Sure, summer doesn’t technically start until June 21, but after Memorial Day, it’s read-a-good-book-outside-season. So, we’re bringing you ten recommendations that tackle everything from living longer to running a lean startup to a tackling the hardships that come with having a speech impediment.

Happy reading!

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity

By Peter Attia, MD

This No. 1 New York Times bestseller provides a scientific approach to master our own thinking and actions when it comes to living longer and healthier lives. Dr. Peter Attia tells readers how to optimize our physical, mental, and emotional health for longevity. According to Attia, our fate is not set in stone. We get to decide how long we want to live!

I Can’t Save You

By Anthony Chin-Quee

Author and physician Anthony Chin-Quee describes himself as a “not white, mostly Black, and questionably Asian man.” Not feeling quite at home in any category, Chin-Quee turns inward in order to move forward and brings us along as he confronts his past and builds a powerful path forward.    

Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness

By Tim S. Grover

A hit at this spring’s top agent masterminds, this book will challenge your mindset. Tim S. Grover is an elite performance coach who has worked with athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade. Winning details how to get ahead in the ruthless areas of business, sports, and competition without any cliches. It may be intense, but success is a given.

How Big Things Get Done

By Dan Gardner and Bent Flyvbjerg

The subtitle of this book—The Surprising Factors That Determine the Fate of Every Project, from Home Renovations to Space Exploration and Everything in Between—says it all. Gardner and Flyvbjerg detail massive projects—think Sydney Opera House and the iPod—from concept to ribbon-cutting and show readers how to develop successful projects of our own. 

Life On Delay: Making Peace with a Stutter

By John Hendrickson

Senior editor for The Atlantic, John Hendrickson gives readers an intimate look at his lifelong struggle with stuttering. He writes about bullying, substance abuse, isolation, and other issues stutterers face on a daily basis. In the end, this is a book about perseverance and making peace with ourselves and the world around us.

The Lean Startup

By Eric Ries

Most giant companies today began as startups somewhere in a coffee shop, garage, or basement. Thousands of other ideas were discussed in those places as well, but never grew into anything more. To avoid the latter, author Eric Ries offers entrepreneurs ways to create and manage successful startups through innovation, vision, and adaptability.

The Comfort Crisis

By Michael Easter

It’s no wonder that in a post-COVID-19 world, we yearn for safety and comfortability. But according to journalist Michael Easter, that may be to our detriment. Speaking to off-the-grid visionaries, disruptive researchers, and mind-body conditioning trailblazers, Easter unlocks the life-enhancing secrets that discomfort can bring us.

Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want

By Grace Lordan

Focusing on six areas—time, goal-planning, self-narratives, other people, environment, and resilience—Dr. Grace Lordan lays out actionable solutions to help us get closer to our dream futures every day. This book focuses on behavioral science research that can allow us to better understand ourselves and others as we build our biggest lives.

Talent Magnet: How to Attract and Keep the Best People

By Mark Miller

The path to success is unlocked by leverage. We can have the most high-end technology, the best strategy, tight budgeting, and still not have a clear path toward organizational success. Why? Because it ultimately comes down to people. If we don’t have the best people around us, chances are we won’t get the best results. Mark Miller writes about how to attract and keep top talent in business.


By James B. Stewart and Rachel Abrams

Think real-life Succession in book form. This inside story digs into the power struggle within Paramount Global, an empire controlled by the Redstone family. Stewart and Abrams give readers the scoop on the dysfunction, deceit, and drama that almost broke the entertainment giant. Honestly, this one is just plain entertaining.


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